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  2021-05-13     inSite Health Care Management     2403 Castillo St     65,000-75,000 year  

About inSite Health Care Management

inSite Digestive Health Care, the largest gastroenterology medical group in California, with over 50 highly respected and experienced gastroenterologists and allied health professionals, invites those seeking a calling: to help improve the lives of the people in our communities and to better the future of healthcare. Guided by ethical values and transparency, we are a group of innovative healthcare professionals steadfast in our goals to provide high patient satisfaction and we welcome talent from all parts of the country who are interested in joining our patient centered gastroenterology group.


Job Summary

Medical Office Manager is responsible for the smooth operation of the office through planning, ensuring the development of, and evaluating new operating systems; training and developing qualified staff; ensuring that physicians receive adequate staff support, recommending and implementing changes. This position manages the daily operations of the office to ensure that patients are satisfied and their needs and expectations are met.

Responsibilities & Duties

  • Meet with physicians regularly regarding any office issues and/or new ideas and suggestions to ensure office growth and financial viability.

  • Ensure regular communication with management regarding systems to ensure efficient handling of billing protocols and EMR procedures.

  • Work closely with Human Resources on employee related issues to ensure adherence to employment laws.

  • Work closely with management in providing appropriate and timely documentation for the preparation of monthly income/expense reports.

  • Maintain appropriate taxes, business licenses and medical licensure as needed.

  • Maintain and ensure appropriate working relationships with staff and vendors.

  • Maintain computer systems by working closely with IT staff.

  • Ensure the appropriate handling of office and system repairs by contacting appropriate vendors/building management as needed.

  • Ensure the maintenance of physician credentialing and malpractice insurance.

  • Monitor office financials and provide physicians with timely and accurate reporting. Meet with physicians regularly to discuss various day-to-day office activities/issues.

  • Ensure that physician schedules, including vacation absences, are adequately maintained.

  • Ensure that physician office visit appointments and procedure appointments are full.

  • Monitor office expenditures and purchase office supplies as needed.

  • Supervise the front and back office staff in order to ensure the smooth operation of the office.

  • Communicate and train staff regarding their job responsibilities and job performance.

  • Recommend, prepare and communicate all staff performance evaluations with assistance from Human Resources.


  • Three years experience in a healthcare setting with three years of supervision/management experience.

  • College degree or equivalent combination of education and work-related experience.

  • Successful demonstration of training and facilitation and/or presentation skills

  • Comprehensive knowledge of electronic billing systems, and its relationship to physician reimbursement.

  •  Knowledge of medical billing concepts and medical terminology.

  • Demonstrated knowledge of computer systems

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Required Skills

  • Demonstrated knowledge of all applications associated with supervising a medical office.

  • Ability to analyze problems, develop solutions and follow through on implementation.

  • Ability to establish and maintain effective patient customer service principles.

  • Ability to maintain effective working relationships with medical staff, co-workers, and patients.

  • Proven strong organization and time management skills with the ability to meet deadlines and handle stressful situations.

  •  Ability to work in a relatively unsupervised environment with a high degree of accuracy.

  •  Knowledge of medical billing concepts and medical terminology.

  • Demonstrated knowledge of computer systems

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

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